Warrick Sandberg Steam Fittings

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Warrick Sandberg Steam Fittings

These fittings have been made and supplied by Warrick Sandberg.


Are designed for Australian Conditions, mostly the ability to work using warm water. Every injector is tested at 45 and 110 psi.  They have a bronze body and brass cones with a stainless steel ball. They come with tails and fittings for 3/16 diameter copper pipes. 1 1/4 and 1 3/4 pints per minute


Drain Cocks - Steam Operated

Warrick Sandberg Drain Cocks are made from brass and have an "O" Ring seat and an "O" ring on the steam piston. They are available with 3/16 x 40tpi, 1/4 x 40tpi, 5/16 x 26 tpi and 3/8 x 26 tpi mouting threads.

Warrick's steam operated drain cocks require a three way valve to open and close the drain cocks.

Injectors 1 1/14 Pint per Minute

Warrick's Injectors are now available and sell for $120 each



Inline Steam Valves 3/16

Inline Steam Valves are made of brass and stainless  steel

3/16 Diameter pipe fittings supplied.

Ideal for injectors, blower etc.

We sell for $45


Small Operating Valve for 3/16 and 1/4 40 tpi

Small Operating Valve Steam Operated Drain Cocks sell for $55

Set of 4 Drain Cocks 3/16 x 40

3/16 x 40 set of 4 Drain Cocks

(2 left hand, 2 right hand)

Sell for $85

Bogies Vaccum Brake



1 Pair of bogies with vacuum brakes          $885.00

5 Inch Gauge Bogies are made for passenger hauling on 5 Inch Gauge.

They have steel wheels and deep grove sealed ball races.

Sprung Bogie Bolster  for a smoother ride.

Examples of these bogies have been in service for over 34 years.



Axle Centre Distance                                     7.5"(190.5)

Wheel Diameter                                             3.5"(89mm)

Width over bolster                                      8.063"(205mm)

Length over wheel flange                         11.375"(289mm)

Height from rail to top of bolster bearing    4.218"(107mm)


 Vaccuum Brake Bogies a Pair  $885.00


Injectors 1 3/4 Pint per Minute

Warrick's Injectors are now available and sell for $120 each


Turret Mounted Steam Valve

Turret Mounted Steam Valve are supplied with 3/16 pipe fittings.  They are made of brass and stainless steel. 1/4 x 40 tpi mount


Ejectors sell for $55

Large Operating Valve for 5/16 and 3/8 x 26

Large Operating Valve Steam, Operated Drain Cocks sell for $65

Set of 4 Drain Cocks 1/4 x 40

1/4 x 40 Set of 4 Drain Cocks

( 2 left hand, 2 right hand)

Sell for $85