Railcraft Photo Gallery - 1

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A selection of photo's that may be of interest to fellow Modellers

A selection of photo's, some of which contain Railcraft products.

A photo of Rob Lougher's, 4 wheel brake van showing what can be done with Railcraft marker lamps.

Railcraft Marker Lamps

Marker Lamp on No10, SMR 10 Class at Newcastle Station on 31/03/07

A photo of Rob Lougher's S Truck Underframe using Railcrafts W Irons, Axle Boxes and Wheels

Photo of 6 Bolt Buffer taken at Richmond Vale

Railcraft 6 Bolt Buffer

Photo of Straight Shank Fin Buffer taken at Richmond Vale

Railcraft Straight Shank Fin Buffer

Louve Van at Richmond Vale, showing Door Hinges, Door Tie Bar and Floor Support Brackets

Railcraft Door Hinges

Railcraft LV Door Tie Bar

Railcraft Floor Support Bracket

HG Guards Van showing lookout and Louve Doors. Photo taken at Dorrigo 1990

Railcraft HG Guards Lookout

Railcraft Wooden Doors

Torpedo Vent on carriage at Newcastle Station

Railcraft Torpedo Vent

Bottle Buffer used as Buffer Stops at Newcastle Station

Railcraft Bottle Buffer