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All Railcraft products are intended for use with 5 inch Gauge (inch and1/8 Scale) Rolling Stock, Unless otherwise stated. 


Warrick Sanberg Injectors

We are now stocking Warrick Sandberg Injectors.  They are tested at 45 and 110 PSI. They sell for $120 each


Gregg is experiencing some health issues and we will be doing very limited casting for the foreseeable future. 


Phone Number

The number 0418496869 is no longer Gregg's.  It has been re allocated, so please use the alternate numbers


Warwick Sandberg

We have been stocking some of Warwick's range since Hotpot.  A new page will be coming over the next couple of weeks with the products and their prices. Anyone needing anything in the mean time is welcome to drop an email with their enquiry.




We have exteneded our range of BA Bolts, one size smaller.  We also now stock Brass Round Head Rivets. We have just started stocking Apex Carbon Steel Taper Taps, sizes 6BA, 7BA, 8BA and 12BA 




 We now have Round Tail Disc and Triangle Tail Disc in stock.  They sell for $12 each. Both contain instructions on which one to display and their paint schemes


 BA Bolts, Setscrews, Nuts and Washers 

We have recently added more bolts to our range.  We now have from 2BA through to 12 BA, one size smaller head hexagonal bolts in most lengths, as well as washers and one size smaller nuts in various sizes. 


Matt's Model Engineering

Matt has started to supply Engineering Materials to the Public.  I have put Matt's Price List on our Download Page, which lists all the materials and prices he has to offer. 


Triple Transverse Springs 

These are difficult to cast and have a high failure rate.  After much experimenting we have gone back to the original full master



GM Fan Surround

The Fan Surround sells for $30 each 


Queensland Headlight 

The master of the Queensland Headlight has been made from the 3D ones that Gary Menzies had made and were featured in an article in the Australian Model Engineering Magazine.  It will sell for $50



 Dummy Auto Couplers 

Aluminium Dummy Auto Couplers are now in stock and sell for $15 a pair



2CL Freight Bogie Set of 4 Side Frames and 2 Bolsters 

We will no longer be casting the 2CL Freight Bogie Set of 4 Side Frames and 2 Bolsters. We are sorry that we have had to take them from the range but they are very labor intensive and the casting failure rate it high.



QLD Luggage Brackets 

The QLD Luggage Brackets sell for $4.50 each 


NSW CnC'd Disc Wheel

The NSW Cnc'd Disc Wheel sell for $16.00 each 


HG Guards Van Kit



We will no longer be selling the HG Guards Van as a kit.  We are having trouble sourceing alot of the components needed for the kit and have decided to no longer sell as a kit.  The individual Urethane parts can still be purchased, but to make the complete urethane parts is a very lengthly process and there would be considerable delays in casting all the components.




 NSW Metal Wheels 


We will no longer be stocking NSW Cast Iron Wheels due to the extremely high prices we have been quoted for them.  We will be replacing them with 8 Spoke Aluminium Wheels and CNC'd Disc Wheels.

8 and 9 Spoke AA601 Grade Aluminium selling for $13each. Will need machining to your requirements available now.




We have had to change the supplier we use for bearings. The price was going up and up.  The new bearings are self lubricated and have 2 rubber seals that can be removed and re-inserted after greasing.  


42mm Garden Railway R Cars

We are hoping to have a completed 42mm Garden Railway R Car for display and take orders at the Hot Pot in June.  The patterns have been made by Peter Sansom 


HO Castings

Our range of HO Castings from the old Workshop 5 are now available through Casula Hobbies, 62 Moore Street, Liverpool.  The range includes:

41 Class Diesel Locomotive Kit with 3 versions 

3AG, 2AD, 2BE Bogies

42, 44, 422 Class Pilots

44, 48 ClassFuel Tanks

Bogie Mount Pins

3mm and 44mm Mount Blocks

Fletner Vents

KAM Sides

Ends for 72'6" Carriages

4,43,44,49/421 Side Frames 


Hoping to get more in the range over the coming 3/4 months





Fibreglass RU

The fibreglass RU Body kit is now available. It sells for $320  with Urethane Detail Parts and RU Stickers.  This kit does not come with an underframe.


42mm Garden Railway NSW R Cars. Patterns by Peter Sansom.  Coming later in the year.

ON30 Australian Freelance Wagons.  Patterns by Peter Sansom. Coming later in the year 


42 Class Cab Nose Cone 7 1/4  



Railcraft HO Detail Parts - Pilots, Bogies & Vents

Railcraft HO 41 Class Locomotive Versions 1,2 & 3

W Irons & Keepers for Bogies

Brake Cylinder for Bogie Wagon

Axle Boxes for Bogie to suit 16mm Bearings

NSW T.D. Axle Box to suit 16mm Bearings

2AE/2AS Spring

Swing Link Bars

Swing Links

Water Jug Holder

Water Glass Holder

Picture Frame

Curved Floor Support Bracket









Web Pages

We are looking at adding some more pages to our web site, but will need assistance from fellow modellers. 

1. A page to sell or swap train related items, free of charge.

2. A page to share photos of your locos.

3. A page to share photos of your rolling stock.

4. A page to share information and tips on how to build live steam locomotives and rolling stock.

If you are interested in participating in any of these new pages please email me at debbie@railcraft.50megs.com . As you can understand these pages can only be built with your assistance.



We have just started to accept payments through Paypal.  Once we have received your order and completed it, we will send you an email with how to pay instructions enclosed.




Gift Vouchers are now available to be given as a Birthday or Christmas Present in any amount that you choose.


Railcraft Recently Released Items

Aluminium Dummy Auto Couplers

Cnc'd Disc Wheel

Aluminium unmachined 8 and 9 Spoke NSW Wheels 

3mm Steel W Irons and Keepers

K Wagon Springs

2mm Laser Cut Handbrake Wheels

HG Spring, Hanger and Dampers

3mm Steel Laser Cut Queensland W Irons

Queensland Small Axle Box

Queensland Large Axle Box

Queensland Floor Support Bracket

Queensland Light Spring

Queensland Heavy Spring

16mm Bronze Bush suitable for Queensland Axle Boxes

Queensland Freight Buffer Body - No Shanks supplied 

Garden Railway Side Frame - A bolster still has to be completed 

Queensland W Iron

Queensland 2 Foot 2 Cast Iron Spoke Wheel