Railcraft Assorted Detail Parts

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Railcraft products are intended to be used for 5 inch gauge (inch and 1/8 Scale) Rolling Stock

All Railcraft products are made from Polyurethane unless otherwise stated


Railcraft assorted cosmetic detail parts




The W.C. sells for $12.00 each

26mm long x 30mm wide x 27mm high

Base 37mm x 25mm 

Guards Van Stove

This is a Metters Number 2 Stove as used in all NSW Guards Vans.  They sell for $12.00 each

Diesel Fan Surround

The Diesel Fan Surround sells for $14.00 each.  Outside measurements are 104mm x 104mm.  Inner Circle 85mm

Dummy Diesel Hub Bolts

Dummy Diesel Hub Bolts are sold for $1.00

Passenger Door Handles

Passenger Door Handles are sold for $2.00 a set of 2

10mm lonh x 5mm wide 

6mm over knuckle 

Louver Van Door Hinge

Louver Van Door Hinge set of 2 $10.00

Louver Van Door Tie Bar

The Louver Van Door Tie Bar is sold for $6.00 each

Dummy Steam Pump

The Dummy Steam Pump is sold for $45.00 each.  It is in 2 parts

RU Grab Handles

The RU Grab Handles are sold as a set of 4 for $3.00

Shunters Step

The Shunters Step is sold for $4.00 each

Floor Support Bracket

The Floor Support Bracket sell for $1.50 each



Queensland Floor Support Brackets are now available.  Please see Queensland page for more information 

Bases for Grab Handles

The Bases for Grab Handles are sold $1.00 for 4

10mm long x 3mm wide 

NSW Curved Floor Support Bracket

The NSW Curved Floor Support Bracket sell for $1.50 each

Handbrake Wheels